I got the Banana Republic position I interviewed for yesterday :D. Its seasonal actually at the moment full time i think, but as soon as seasonal is over they can keep me on. I still have that other offer from another BR store but I need to meet and see which one is gonna be best for me.

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I did a grayscale! Otherwise pretty normal process from me here :X

Awesome to see the process. Especially since I’m just starting out with digital painting. 👍

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Year of my birth.

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Drawing I did in class this morning got chosen for our student gallery show 😬

Made me happy. It was a red pencil sketch on large gray paper, then laid down shadows and core shadows, highlights with a white pencil, and last color with pastels. Can’t wait to see it in a couple days.

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subliminal messages i see…

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The Banana Republic Interview was a group interview.

It went well I believe, and hope. Shared stories, and experiences with the interviewer. The last request on her part was to stand up and to sell my outfit, Which on the spot was something I didn’t expect and caught me off guard but I sold my outfit and yeah.

Should hear back between tomorrow and a week. Hopefully I get the position.
If not, then another BR store asked me to meet personally for another position so that’s another prospect.

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pokemon x league of legends

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Today was… Woaw.

You know why.
You know

..I love you babe… So much
………………………. X_x

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Have an interview at Banana Republic in Soho tomorrow.

Hopefully I get the job >.< … Need the income to flow in again.

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